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Welcoming Asta Negra

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M Print Solutions are both proud and excited to have signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Jordaninan based company, Asta Negra. 

Asta Negra, managed by Salameh Haddaden, have had success with many different products, engaging with many different markets in the far east, Europe and South America. With M print solutions' logistical and manufacturing capabilities, it made perfect sense for both parties to sign an exclusive partnership. This enables Asta Negra to use their wide reaching sales influence along side M Print solutions technical capabilities. It is hoped that Asta Negra, with the partnership of M Print Solutions will be able to increase its influence in more markets, worldwide 

This is an exciting time for our company and are already securing high value contracts with Asta Negra and their many contacts.

Salameh Haddaden

Asta Negra

Alsafa commercial group



P.O. Box 4

Our Medical Partners

Surgical Mask

We have access to a large range of facemask manufacturers, we pride ourselves on giving our clients access to the best quality suppliers in the world. 

We will be there every step of the way helping with the required documentation and certificates. Dependant on which country you are trying to import into, we have factories that have all the certification required. 

Each different style mask have different requirements and certifications. We can offer NIOSH approved, FDA approved, CE, ISO 13495 : 2016 and much more. 

All our factories have test results from reputable test companies. Once you progress with you order we are more than happy to provide any documentation you may need.